Saturday, September 05, 2015

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Killian didn’t.

He glanced back over his shoulder and faltered mid speech. The lines of his shoulders

tightened even as he straightened. Eyes the infinite black of the night sky bore into her and

carved deep grooves along every curve. She felt the weight of his desire wash over her like the

slow rise of dawn creeping across the bed in the morning. It singed every inch of her.

“Apparently I have to make sure you don’t look at other women while we’re there,” she

told him with a teasing quirk of her mouth.

Amusement shimmered across the inky surface of his eyes. “Would it put your mind at

ease if I assured you I haven’t noticed another woman since you?”

It was funny, but the thought of Killian looking at other women had never bothered her.

She hadn’t even thought about it until Vi had pointed it out. Maybe it was because it had been

stated in the contract that neither of them would see other people in their twelve months together

or maybe because he had never given her a reason to worry, but … she hadn’t. Oddly enough,

she still wasn’t worried. Nevertheless, his words sent a warm shiver through her.

“That so?”

“Aye, love.” He crossed towards her in three long strides and stopped when he was close

enough to lower his head and capture her mouth in a deep, toe curling kiss. She was breathless

when he released her. “But you might want to bring a second dress.”

The low growl against her ear rippled down her spine in rivulets of fire to burn in her

belly. Her nipples hardened to sharp points that strained through the material of her dress. His

gaze lingered on them before trailing back up to meet hers, darker, if possible. That simple

gesture rocked through her as powerfully as though he’d reached out and stroked them.

“You … you said you had work,” she whispered.

Four deft fingers whispered feather light up the curve of her side. They moved to spread

across the small of her back and bow her into him. Unbalanced by the motion and her heels, she

hit his chest a bit harder than was necessary. Her hands flew to his shoulders. But he caught her


“You ought to know how good I am at multitasking,”
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